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Premium Dental Handpiece Replacement Turbines

The Turbine Source provides dental handpiece turbines for Star, Kavo, Midwest, W&H, NSK, Lares, and Sirona. We have offered premium handpiece turbines and expert dental handpiece technical support for 30 years. Our highspeed handpiece turbines are built to exacting standards with industry leading Myonic bearings.

If you are not sure about which turbine is compatible with your handpiece, or need help installing your handpiece turbines, send us an email at or call us at 866-784-0366. We offer experienced customer support and will walk you through any issue you're having. Request a UPS shipping label and we will install your turbines for you, at our location, free of charge!

What Sets Our Turbines Apart

Our premium dental handpiece replacement turbines are built with the world’s finest bearings by Myonic. Much more expensive than other bearing manufacturers, Myonic bearings are German made and are the most quiet, longest lasting bearings we have tested. Dental highspeed handpieces operate at speeds of 350,000-450,000 RPM’s. Only the finest bearings will last at those speeds for an extended period of time and our bearings are perfectly suited for this task.

Our autochuck assemblies are heat treated and precision ground for durability and superior bur gripping strength, with true concentricity exceeding ISO standards by 50%. Our spindles prevent bur slippage and ensure your handpiece will have a smooth, balanced feel.

Our turbines come with special, Viton ‘O’ rings with a very high temperature tolerance (400 degrees Fahrenheit) and a high resistance to abrasion and compression set. This keeps our turbines suspended properly for quiet operation and eliminates excessive turbine shifting and “chattering”. ‘O’ rings may seem like a small matter, but, believe it or not, the ‘O’ rings we use make a huge difference in handpiece performance and service life of the handpiece turbine.

We include detailed, step-by-step, turbine installation instructions with every order. You can also call us, toll free, at 866-784-0366, to provide you with any assistance you may need. Rest assured, you can install our turbines with confidence!

Maintain the Integrity of Your Handpieces

Maintain the integrity of your handpieces. Do not settle for partial repairs or inferior turbines that will be a temporary fix at best. Our turbines will actually restore your handpieces back to their original operating condition in minutes, for a fraction of the manufacturer’s cost. We take pride in providing the highest quality, longest lasting dental handpiece turbines on the market and our service is second to none. So, click on the turbine image above that corresponds with the make of your handpiece, then fill in the quantity you need and place your order. If you would like more information about our turbines, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Full Service Handpiece Repair

With an extensive inventory of parts and the specialized tooling required, we are able to provide expert dental handpiece repair with a quick turnaround. We offer free estimates, and an unconditional 6 month warranty on all repairs. If you would like us to take a look at your handpieces, send us an email at, or call us at 866-784-0366 to receive your free UPS shipping label today!