10900 14900

$129.00 ea. When you Order 1-3 Turbines
$119.00 ea. When you Order 4-9 Turbines
$109.00 ea. When you Order 10-14 Turbines
$99.00 ea. When you Order 15+ Turbines
Stock up and save! 

Star 430 torque turbine fits the Star 430 torque handpiece. Our Star 430 torque turbine is built with fully ceramic, Myonic and GRW bearings and requires no lubrication. They have a uniquely designed chuck assembly that extends the life of the handpiece by providing superior, long lasting bur gripping strength and true concentricity exceeding ISO standards by 50%. Our Star 430 torque turbines are the same high quality you expect from the manufacturer for significantly less than the normal market price and come with our unparalleled customer service! 6 Month Warranty

Star 430 Torque type turbine
10900 14900

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