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This product is a pack of 3 handpieces. Take $50 off each handpiece!

The MOKO 420MT-L is produced with a built-in power generator that delivers quality LED light when connected to any standard non-optic air tubing.

- 18 month warranty

German, Myonic Bearings - Dental highspeed handpieces operate at speeds of 350,000-420,000 RPM’s. Only the finest bearings will last at those speeds for an extended period of time and Myonic bearings are perfectly suited for this task.

Advanced Spindle / Autochuck Technology Our spindles / autochucks are made of Carbide Steel providing superior bur gripping strength with chuck extracting forces > 30n. 

- Pressure Control System - The MOKO 420MT-L comes with a pressure control system ensuring a stable amount of air pressure during operation. This protects against pre-mature bearing failure.

- Multi-port Water Spray - Provides the ideal cooling effect.

- Noise free operation - This handpiece incorporates advanced turbine balancing technology.  This provides smooth, quiet operation at noise levels less than 60dB(A).

- Scratch Resistant The surface of this handpiece is scratch resistant and provides a comfortable grip.


- Head type: Standard head

-Self generation LED light source

- Bur Rotation Speed: RPM 360,000~400,000

- Working Air Pressure: 0.25Mpa - 0.35Mpa

- Chuck Type: Push button type

- Bur: ISO 1797-1 TYPE 3, 1.59MM-1.6MM STANDARD SHANK

- Max. Bur Length: 25MM

- Water Flow Value: ISO 14457 > 50ml / min

- Spray Type: 4 port water spray

- Noise Level: ≤ 65 dB


- FDA 510(k) Approved


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High Speed Handpiece - MOKO 420MT-L w/ Self Generating LED Light - 3 pack ($339 each)
101700 116700

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