MOKO 420MT w/ Self Generating LED Light - $389 

The MOKO 420MT-L connects directly to your air supply line. No coupler is needed! It is produced with a built-in power generator that delivers a powerful LED light. This handpiece also comes with an unconditional 18 month warranty. This handpiece is a durable work horse and is an exceptional value at this price. View Product

MOKO 560K LED (Includes a FREE coupler) - $489

Our MOKO 560K LED handpiece comes with a FREE coupler included with every order! Because this handpiece comes with a FREE coupler, the MOKO 560K LED is 100% compatible with any existing Kavo, Star, Midwest, W&H, NSK, etc. system. Don’t pay $1,000-$1,500 for a comparable handpiece, or $300-$450 for a new coupler, purchase our new MOKO 560K LED handpiece for $489 with a new coupler INCLUDED, and have the peace of mind that comes with an 18 month unconditional warranty! View Product